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Horecaclaim Europe Has Been Founded

Published on 28 March 2012

Investigations carried out by various prominent specialists in constitutional law throughout Europe indicate that the smoking ban for HoReCa in Europe can no longer stand. “This is good news,” indicates Frederick Matthaei, President of Horecaclaim Netherlands and Vice President of Horecaclaim Belgium. The initiator of Horecaclaim Europe, he says that the foundation of Horecaclaim Europe is more than justified. “The articles of association of Horecaclaim Europe have been signed and the board of directors has been chosen.”

Board of Directors

Besides Mr. Frederick Matthaei, the board of directors is also composed of Mr. Wiel Maessen, committed campaigner from the beginning, and involved in the subject since 1999. Also, Maessen is one of the organizers of the resistance against the smoking ban in the Netherlands (via Foundation KHO) and special advisor for Horecaclaim Netherlands and Belgium. Maessen is the president of Forces Nederland, president of Forces International and Board Member of The International Coalition Against Prohibition (TICAP). Because of the international impact, Mr. Erik Beunckens (Delegated Manager, FedCaf Belgium) will also be part of the board of directors. Erik Beunckens fights with FedCaf Belgium, the new federation of pub operators, against the smoking ban, which is considered to be in conflict with the Belgian Constitution and free trade rights. There will also be a Council of Supervision, comparable with a Board of Commissioners.


Abolishing the smoking ban in the HoReCa sector is only a matter of time, money and the best people in the right places.An abundance of persons and organizations connected with HoReCa in various European countries have indicated through Forces International their interest in joining Horecaclaim Europe. So much interest has been shown that we can expect to create a wide front throughout the whole of Europe within a relatively short period of time.

Private Investment Fund Horecaclaim

If the State of the Netherlands will not agree to a compensation payment for HoReCa, enough resources are available through the Private Investment Fund Horecaclaim for a claim against the State. A professional claim organization has been created. “The authorities win almost all the battles against citizens, because citizens don’t have the time nor the resources to successfully engage in the struggle. We have the resources, so the authorities cannot ‘fumigate’ us,” says Frederick Matthaei.

In the next months, the Private Investment Fund Horecaclaim will be enlarged in order to create a Horecaclaim organization in each European country, to enable its participants to give financial support to the battle against the smoking ban and to finance legal proceedings in the European Union throughout Europe. The Fund investors are all wealthy people. The Investment Fund is not public, and people can only participate on an invitation basis. So far everyone who has been invited has participated in the Investment Fund.


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